The Golden Birthday Book

Have You Celebrated Your Golden BirthdayTM Yet?

I'm not talking about your 50th birthday. I'm talking about your very special, unique, once in a lifetime, Golden BirthdayTM that marks

The day when your age matches your birth date.

For example: Johnny had his Golden BirthdayTM on August 12, when he was twelve years old. When I was 25 years old I had my Golden BirthdayTM celebration on the 25th of February.

Neat, eh? :) Depending on your birth date, you have 31 chances to celebrate your Golden BirthdayTM.

But don't worry if you think you've missed yours. I created a Second-Chance Golden Birthday just for you, as well as some other very special celebrations, so don't stop reading, please.

The Golden Birthday Book by Joan Bramsch

Happy Birthday - Big Band

Happy Birthday - Kids

Hi, I'm Joan Bramsch. For over half a Century the Bramsch family has celebrated each member's unique, once in a lifetime Golden BirthdayTM. It began with our own five children, but the idea soon spread to our extended family and the families of all our friends.

We are now happily celebrating our grandchildren's Golden BirthdaysTM, all seven of them. In the years to come we anticipate celebrating this delightful tradition with our great-grandchildren.

Since 1998 I have spread the Golden BirthdayTM idea worldwide from my web site where I serve families in more than 88 countries as a Child Advocate and Parents' Cheerleader. If you do an Internet search on Golden BirthdayTM, you'll always discover my site at the top of the page.

Joan says: "We always plan an especially wonder-filled celebration with a party and a memorable birthday present to make a lasting Memory for our child's Tomorrow."

Over the years, scores of people have e-mailed me for Golden BirthdayTM gift ideas and party theme plans after reading the Golden BirthdayTM article posted on my web site.

Letters From Around The Globe

Subject: Golden BirthdayTM

Comments: Hi - My golden birthdayTM will be this February 26 and I wanted to get some more information as to what Joan did for each of her children's Golden BirthdaysTM. I want to plan a fun party. Thanks!
~ from Choi

In 1955, when I first got the idea, no one in our large circle of friends and relations had ever heard of anything like this so they labeled it unique and added the new celebration to their own traditions. Gradually it spread from one family to the next, from city to city, from state to state, and now it is celebrated worldwide from my web site.

The questions keep coming in from all directions. From parents, from teens and young adults, and readers beyond age 31 years. That tells me it's time to write...The Golden BirthdayTM Book!

Letters From Around The Globe

Subject: Golden BirthdayTM

Comments: Wow, did you really invent the idea of the Golden BirthdayTM? I celebrated my Golden BirthdayTM on 25 DEC, 1998 in Australia and I'm currently planning a friend's Golden BirthdayTM in two weeks time on Saturday 28JAN2006 here in New Zealand so there you go, something you started has traveled far and wide. Fantastic!
~ from Byron T. in Australia

On December 5, 2006 The Golden BirthdayTM Book was officially launched. Filled with fresh party ideas, exciting gift suggestions, and stunning photographs, it is sure to spark your imagination and help you create that once-in-a-lifetime celebration your friends and family will always remember.

I cover so much in The Golden BirthdayTM Book. Here are just some of the topics:

  • Amazing birthday history and fascinating trivia
  • Birthday trends and statistics
  • Your confidential birth date information hidden in the magic of numbers
  • A Golden Gift list of special treasures
  • Your personality revealed in the stars
  • Golden Party plans for Child, Teen & Adult
  • Special Bonus for Baby Boomers
  • Recognition of our Centenarian Elders
  • A Timeless bonus for people who have stopped counting the years

Let me tell you a little about each of them...

golden star for your golden birthday Historically, did you know that in ancient times only kings and queens, emperors and other royal persons had birthdays? Nobody kept track of the citizens. Why? Because there were no calendars until 5000 years ago. So the Court Astrologer documented royal births by the stars.

Here's a bit of trivia for you...

golden star for your golden birthday On any given day in America, approximately 710,000 people celebrate their birthdays. That's over 5 million birthdays a week. Wow! Talk about a host of Happy Birthdays! I wonder how many BTUs are generated by all those candles?

Here's more...

golden star for your golden birthday Do you know what month consistently, year after year, reports the most births? And do you know which day generally has the most births? And the day that has the least?

golden star for your golden birthday Can you guess how many birthday cards are purchased in a year? A lot? Plenty? A whole big bunch? Try... 1.2 billion cards!

You'll find more surprising answers, more strange facts and my commentary in The Golden BirthdayTM Book.

Order The Golden Birthday Book here

Here's still more...

golden star for your golden birthday My friend Glynis McCants, the famous Numbers Lady has provided exciting insights about you and the month in which you were born. She goes a step further and also supplies information on the day you were born, plus guidance for your life path.

And that's not all...

golden star for your golden birthday The Golden BirthdayTM Book includes a terrific Golden Gift List of exciting treasures for all ages and all pocketbooks. There are dozens of suggestions, from a bottle of Gold sparkle nail polish for $1.98, to a one-of-a-kind automobile that is close to priceless.

Did you ever see a picture of a gold-plated Porsche? The Golden BirthdayTM Book has a link to one in the Gold Transportation section of the list.

Letters From Around The Globe

Subject: How I found out about Golden BirthdaysTM!!

Comments: My granddaughter, Brita came home from school and told her parents that her second grade teacher told the class about that one special day. The teacher said she'd found out about it at the site.

Brita's Golden BirthdayTM was coming up September 8!! Well, I'm curious about this sort of thing, so I went to Google, typed in "Golden BirthdayTM", and I was amazed to find the Web page of the lady in St. Louis who started this great day!

Her name is Joan Bramsch! I e-mailed her and asked her what I should get Brita for her Golden BirthdayTM, and she said something golden, like a locket, so I bought her a beautiful gold necklace with her birthstone in the locket.

Since then, I've bought gold gifts for two other grandchildren, all of this because of this wonderful, intelligent, and thoughtful lady, Joan Bramsch! Thank you, Joan!!
~ from Bob R, Lodi, California

golden star for your golden birthday Next, I include a description of You according to ancient astrology. I also write about the other eleven signs so you can decide personally if what I say agrees with your sense of Self, as well as your observations about family and friends.

Each description reveals:

  • Your Traits -- Who you think you are
  • Your Personality -- How others see you
  • Your Life - When it all comes together

Order The Golden Birthday Book here

golden star for your golden birthday If you aren't sure of the birthstone for your month, I've published the official American Jewelers List in The Golden BirthdayTM Book.

The list includes the alternate choices of stones, too. Like May's Emerald birthstone offers the Chrysprase as the alternative choice. It's a bright apple green crystal, and really quite extraordinary.

golden star for your golden birthday There's also the Official 7-Day list of birthstones for the day of the week when you were born. I didn't even know there was a list like that till I did the research. Did you?

To make it easy for you, I include a link in the book to a calculator where you can type in your birth day, month and year and it will tell you the day of the week on which you were born.

golden star for your golden birthdayThere are lots of birthday quotes to bring a smile and even a chuckle to your lips as you read The Golden BirthdayTM Book. Like...

How do you stay young?

"You eat right, get plenty of rest, and
lie about your age!"
~ Lucille Ball

Golden BirthdayTM Party Plans

Perhaps, among the most useful sections of The Golden BirthdayTM Book are the special Golden BirthdayTM Party Plans for Child, Teen and Adult.

All the celebrations feature "Gold." For example: you'll have full instructions, ideas and suggestions for:

  • a Treasure Hunt party
  • a Scavenger Hunt
  • a 24-Karat Celebrity Golden Birthday party

Gold, Gold, Gold... Everywhere!

And for all those grand golden parties... I composed a special Golden BirthdayTM song! Words, melody and sheet music are included in the book.

You can even click the link and actually hear the song.
It plays from inside your book!

But that's not all. Here's your first FREE Bonus. There are four altogether, and they are included within the pages of The Golden Birthday Book.

I couldn't forget the 79 million American Baby Boomers, born from 1946 to 1962, not to mention the tens of millions more in that age group worldwide, who missed out on their official Golden BirthdayTM celebration when they were age one to 31.

Who knew? Not many, except my circle of family and friends, who have been spreading the word for decades.

So I created a new and very special celebration, solely for the Baby Boomers of the world. I call it the Second-Chance Golden BirthdayTM.

Boomers born after 1953 (and I gave birth to five of 'em) celebrate this Second-Chance Golden Birthday when they are the same age as the year they were born.

For example: Son Bill, my eldest, entered this world in 1955. He will be 55 years old in 2010. That's when he will celebrate his Second-Chance Golden BirthdayTM.

My granddaughter Emily asked, "Grandma, does that mean I have to wait till I'm 85 for that one?" (She was born in 1985)

"That's right, Emily," I replied. "But you just celebrated your original Golden BirthdayTM last year."

"True," she said, "true." And then she giggled!

Incidentally, do you know the name of the first Baby Boomer? She was born one second after midnight on January 1, 1946, and she's a Grandma now. It's in the book.

Second FREE Bonus.

This unique Bonus has to do with birthdays, but not numbers. No matching dates, no matching years. This is a Birthday Celebration for folks like me who have grown weary of the numbers game - "Age is only a number and mine is unlisted!" I call it...

The Timeless Birthday!

I love having Timeless Birthdays. February is when I will celebrate (and I do mean celebrate)!

Talking about age... it seems that when you get to a Certain Age, you become an Elder. That's a good thing. It's when younger folks finally listen to your Words of Wisdom. It's when we're supposed to have gathered some life experience so we are wise. It's also when the world pays homage to your Long-livedness.

You know, today's Americans are living longer. Much longer. The last US Census counted almost 115,000 citizens who had already celebrated their 100th birthday.

That number will double in five years and, by 2050, there will be more than one million US Centenarians. That's what the government calls them--Centenarians. They have also coined the term for the folks who are over 110 years of age (and there are lots of them!) -- Super-Centenarians!

These are very important people.

So important, in fact, that I have included a Third Bonus in The Golden BirthdayTM Book.

This Third Bonus Section lists famous Centenarians from around the world, many still living. I list those in the Arts, Science, Industry, Commerce and Politics.

Plus, I did the research for you and have also listed the Oldest American living man and the Oldest living woman on the planet, and she happens to be an American. These folks, and others listed, are Super-Centenarians

Elizabeth lives in Memphis TN and she's 116 years old. That's documented and official. Born in 1890, she has lived in three centuries! Takes your breath away, doesn't it?

Moses, the oldest living American man, born in 1893, is 113 years old and lives in Mississippi. I wonder if there's something particularly healthy about the Southern lifestyle?.

I can even tell you about the oldest living nun and the oldest minister. Both are also Super-Centenarians.

Order The Golden Birthday Book here

The Golden Birthday Book also includes a Fourth, mini information Bonus. Tucked between the pages is a list of the longest marriages on record from around the world. One of the long-wed couples lives in Minnesota, where I grew up and continue to spend my summers.

If you haven't yet decided that the first ever, one-and-only Golden BirthdayTM Book, with the Baby Boomer Bonus, the Timeless Bonus, the Centenarian and Super-Centenarian Bonus, and the Mini Bonus isn't the best thing since bubble gum... Or pea shooters... Or full-length feature, animated Disney films, then let me refresh your memory, please.

The Golden BirthdayTM Book contains the following information and more:

  • Birthday trends
  • Birthday trivia
  • Birthday statistics
  • Your birth day and life path by the numbers
  • Your zodiac sign and personality by the stars
  • Golden Gift suggestions
  • Golden Party Plans for Child, Teen and Adult
  • Special Baby Boomer Bonus: a Second-Chance Golden BirthdayTM opportunity
  • Your Timeless Birthday Bonus
  • Special Centenarian and Super-Centenarian Golden BirthdayTM Bonus
  • Mini-information Bonus

How'd I do?

I hope you said I did terrific, because the price of The Golden BirthdayTM Book is terrific, too!

You get all that information... All that interesting trivia and facts... Clear concise party plans... And you get to learn all about and then use the original Golden BirthdayTM celebrations... Yes, you get an instant download PDF book filled with big ideas, for the little price of only $12.97.

That's all... Just $12.97.

No shipping costs. No handling fees. No sales tax.

Once you have paid for the book, you will be taken to a Thank You page with easy download instructions. All you will need to do is to simply right-click on the link we'll give you and download it to your computer or any portable device that will read ADOBE pdf files.

Best of all, you can print out pages you want to refer to, like the party planning information or the Golden Gift suggestions.

The Golden Birthday book - party ideas, birthday facts, gifts & more.  Order now!

Remember: this is an ebook
to be read on your computer,
a pdf compatible hand-held device,
or printed out for your personal use.

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P.S. I want you to know that the profits from sales of The Golden BirthdayTM Book will fund educational projects for children in America and other countries worldwide.

I will distribute copies of my book for parents called Teach Me, I'm Yours. It teaches parents how to give their child the skills for school success and for life. Winner of the 2005 EPPIE Award for Best Nonfiction Ebook, my dream is to print the book in whatever language needed to circle the globe.

Yes, it's a Big Dream, I know. But with your help, it's absolutely possible.

The Golden BirthdayTM Book is value-priced at only $12.97. It's filled with so much new information. I believe you'll think the book is worth every penny of that little price.

Thank you from my heart.

Book Foreword

For all the years I have known Joan Bramsch, and there have been many, it has been evident that her role in life is to serve people at the highest level. In particular, she positively impacts parents around the world and, through them, their children.

Joan has always held tight to her Big Dream, as she calls it - to fund publication in all languages of her book, "Teach Me I'm Yours." This book is a must-have manual for parents to teach their young children the necessary skills for success, not only in school, but in life.

She believes that the funds generated by the sale of The Golden BirthdayTM Book will indeed launch that dream. I believe it, too.

Rick Beneteau, Co-Founder

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